If you attempt to load a track into one of the players, and the player does not load the track at all, this can indicate that the file path of your track has changed. This issue is different from the deck loading a track, but not playing.

In the case that the particular track resides on an external hard-drive, this could mean that the Drive Letter associated with the external hard-drive has changed. If you believe this is the case, you will need to determine the Drive Letter that DEX is looking for, and re-assign that drive letter to your external hard-drive.

To determine the Drive Letter that DEX is expecting to find the track, right-click on the track within the DEX 3 record case, and select ‘Edit File Info’

Take note of the Drive letter, which will be a single letter (followed by a semi-colon and backslash), such as F:\ or E:\

Once you have taken note of the Drive Letter being used for that track, the next thing to do is change the external hard-drive’s assigned Drive Letter to the letter previously noted.

Note: In Windows, assigned Drive Letters can be changed in ‘Computer Management’