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dac 2 controller

Hi there ive just installed dex 3 to a new pc ive just built running win 7. I purchased dex 3 a while ago but have only just started to swap over its gone pretty smoothly apart from the dac 2 controller which is basically a "no go" i realise its old and not supported but the learn function would have been fine unfortunately thats not working either i think my problem is installing it to my pc and no so much a dex 3 problem . Its been a while since ive had to do this so i may have forgotten any little tweeks or tricks i seem to rem it was a bit difficult first time round. If i cant get this to work i would consider upgrading but if so it must be a 19" unit and i only have space for 2u so even the dac 3 is too big if you see what i mean i only really use it to start/stop tracks the cue function and a little bit on the jog wheels for cuing up and stuff any reccomendations.
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