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Second screen not launching

My second screen will not launch on second screen. I've checked displays settings computer recognizes the secondary display. The screen shows while loading then disappeared and doesn't come back when I click the preview screen.

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If you're talking about the floating window that you move over to your second screen and hit full screen to display the karaoke lyrics, etc on the second screen, I'm having the same issue.  It comes up when loading and then disappears, when I click on the window in the council that should bring it up, nothing happens. 

I managed to click on the top bar of the floating window on the loading page just before it disappeared then clicked restore. You have to be really quick but it worked for me.

Thanks for your comment, unfortunately mine doesn't respond to trying to click on it at all, it just disappears either way and doesn't respond  in any way to clicking on it.  Do you have to click on it each time you open Dex 3 now or after doing it once did that solve it from then on?  Just curious.

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