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database not showing all songs

I have copied all karaoke and music to a 2TB hard drive,( 1.3TB used) it does not show all the karaoke and music in the database. and when I drag a song to the player it does not load. Is their a limit to the amount of songs that will load. I have about 180.000 songs on the hard drive. It worked previously when I had about 102.000 songs. I am using pcdj DEX3.

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All of these questions were asked two years ago were they ever answered and I’m having the same issues now and it’s Dex 3 3.14 it was working fine yesterday until I went to do a show and then nothing worked, music wasn’t loading my auto filler of course not working, all that was working before I left to my gig then nothing.

Seems as though this is a pretty common issue I have the same one Not all Karaoke downloaded.  

From my 2TB hard drive ... I will double check path, but now I've been forced to change permanently to PCDJ I need this puppy to work. 

Yes I have a similar situation going on with my lap top. Coming from a 2tb hard drive attached , not all Karaoke loaded. My show consists of mostly karaoke, But at times I do switch over to do just Dj..

However we are known for our Karaoke shows and not all my songs moved into the Dex Successfully.

Running still on Windows 7. Advice?  We never relied on Dex But now we have too. Purchased 2 years ago. very frustrated. 

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