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SoundSwitch for PCDJ

Who’s all heard of SoundSwitch? If you haven’t heard of it, please check it out. It’s an automated program that runs simultaneously with your DJ program that allows you to take your expensive DMX lighting out of sound active mode and really showcase their abilities in default/custom auto loops or even better, a scripted beyond professional light show that changes with the music without relying on sonic input. It’s absolutely amazing and is revolutionizing the DJ industry as I’m typing this. Go check it out, then come back here and start putting pressure on PCDJ to get it integrated. Right now it’s only compatible with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ as far as I’m aware, but like a lot of others, I can’t stand those programs and much prefer Dex3 Pro or anything from PCDJ really. When I asked customer service about it, this is what I got: “We actually have the API information here (so we can integrate soundswitch). However, we just have a few open projects right now in front of it. I'm sure we'll add it, in due time, just not sure when!” So it’s up to us to get them to raise the priority level and get it done! Who’s with me?!?!?

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Yes! This needs to happen! I don’t own a PCDJ program yet, but I’ve used the trials and if I can use it with SoundSwitch I’ll buy it!

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Thank you! SoundSwitch is absolutely awesome and really doesn’t take much to get it going and you don’t have to have a lot of expensive lighting to put on a professional light show. This in conjunction with DEX3 would be the perfect combo for the working DJ!

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This is very interesting as well.

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