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cancel my subscription

pls cancel my subscription

6 people have this problem

This would mean you do not have your correct user name/password for cancellation. You need to perform the cancellation directly as the only confirmation of cancellation received is on screen after submitting the cancellation form. It is working, I tested today, and no other issues are being reported. It's just matter of having your proper credentials. Please submit a ticket here and request your KCP username/password:  We cannot post it to this public thread. 

Can't cancel subscription. Keeps giving an error and sending to this page which still won't work. Just Please cancel my subscription and stop trying to send the website link because it DOES NOT WORK.

If someone needs to cancel their KCP subscription, the cancellation option is directly on the website - here's the cancellation form:

Same as above unable to cancel, get sent to this page. Please cancel my subscription, will be reversing any further charges. Thank you

Same issue here, please cancel my subscription, as I'm directed here when trying to do it on your system.

I am having the same issue. I want to cancel my subscription but I get an error message.

how can i cancel my subscription when i go to do it i get an error and it sends me to this page but wont fix the problem

Profile Id is missing from the request
ERROR - Your subscription may have not been canceled, please contact support for assistance.

Please cancel my subscription.

Thank You.

Please cancel my subscription, I'm not using it.

No problem with service but is not using it enough 


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